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Aviation Insurance

Fly with confidence — and protect your investment

Private air travel enables executives to make more productive use of their valuable time. But owning and operating comes with a long checklist of unique risks. It starts with a significant investment in an aircraft that must be protected and extends to potential liability for mishaps on the ground and in the air.

Start with proper and well-documented aviation insurance for the aircraft your company owns, operates and relies on to take you to new heights.

Coverage that’s right for your business

Our aircraft insurance specialists have the knowledge and expertise to help you navigate the risks of ownership with an aviation program that’s right for your business. Coverage may include:

• Aircraft hull
• Aircraft liability
• Aviation general liability
• Aviation products liability
• Aviation workers' compensation

In addition, we offer many valuable services that can make owning, operating and protecting your aviation investment easier, such as:

• Contract review and analysis for risk and/or liability implications
• 24/7 emergency claims service
• Emergency response planning
• Arrangement of safety and engineering surveys
• Annual review of coverage, values and limits

Contact a INSKING broker to get started.

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