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Why you need environmental insurance

Environmental liabilities are more common than you might think. They can arise for almost any organization, and the remedial costs — both direct and indirect — can be substantial. The majority of property and casualty policies do not insure pollution risk, which means that your environmental insurance policy is the sole means for you to recover losses caused by environmental issues.

What’s typically covered

Here are a few of the risks that your environmental policy can protect against:

• Asbestos
• Lead paint
• Mold
• Issues encountered during the development of brownfield sites (land previously used for industrial and some commercial purposes that may have been contaminated with hazardous waste or pollution)
• When you collaborate with our environmental risk experts, you can negotiate policy terms and conditions that ensure your specific risk is properly transferred to the insurer. You’ll also enjoy lower premiums resulting from the enhanced buying power we possess as a major broker of environmental liability insurance.

If you work in one of the following industries, you can benefit from environmental protection insurance:

• Car dealerships, gas/service stations and garages
• Contractors
• Dry cleaning and laundry facilities
• HVAC contractors
• Healthcare institutions
• Hotels and other lodgings
• Real estate
• Shopping centers
• Utilities

Contact a INSKING broker to get started.

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