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Voluntary Benefits

*How do you make a good voluntary benefits plan great?

You’re working hard to manage rising health care costs, and that means making some difficult choices. At the same time, high-deductible health plans and higher out-of-pocket costs are creating coverage gaps for many of your employees. Show your employees that you care about their needs by offering a voluntary benefits program with the meaningful choices they’re looking for.

We’ll work with you to create a program tailored for your organization, featuring a well-planned roll-out, personalized communications and managed enrollment.

*Supplemental Health Care

Hospital Indemnity complements medical coverage and reduces employees’ out-of-pocket expenses for hospital stays.

Accident Insurance covers out-of-pocket expenses and non-covered medical services following an accident.

Critical Illness/Cancer bridges the gap between traditional medical coverage and disability, providing protection against potential financial consequences.

Dental Care is an affordable and very popular way to help employees control or reduce dental care expenses, and encourage healthy habits.

Vision Care reduces your employees’ share of the cost for eye exams, prescription eyewear and other services and products provided by eye care professionals.

Telehealth gives your employees no-cost care when they need it, with on-demand 24/7 access to certified medical professionals, and assistance with non-emergency issues when an office visit isn’t necessary.

Long-Term Care covers ongoing assistance with the basic daily tasks of life in the event of long-term illness or injury, when the care is not included by medical and disability coverage.

Worksite Wellness offers discounts on many products and services that promote a healthy lifestyle.

*Financial Wellness

Employee Financial Wellness programs offer you the ability to help employees manage debt and save for retirement.

Life Insurance with Long-Term Care provides financial protection for employees’ families following an insured person’s death, with the added benefit of truly affordable long-term care for conditions not covered by medical or disability insurance.

Identity Theft protection is quickly becoming one of the more popular voluntary benefits products. Protect your employees with ID theft reimbursement and access to fraud resolution experts.

Short and Long-Term Disability Income replaces a portion of employees’ income during periods when they are unable to work.

Pre-Paid Legal provides discounted legal services including consultations on legal matters and preparation of wills and trusts.

Accounting Services provide employees with assistance in tax preparation and related financial analyses.

Personal Financial Planning gives employees access to professional education, retirement and estate planning services.

*Lifestyle & Personal

Group Auto and Homeowners Insurance offers discounted rates on personal property and casualty insurance products.

Pet Insurance is growing in popularity. Help your employees cover the cost of veterinary care in the event of pet accidents and illness.

Travel Insurance covers employees who travel frequently, often at discounted rates.

International Medical covers employees who travel abroad.

Discount Programs offer savings for employees on a wide variety of popular goods and services such as electronics, cellular services, travel, fitness and more.

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