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General Liability Insurance

Why you can’t afford not to be covered

It’s a basic fact of doing business: as much as you count on commercial property insurance to be there for you in the event of catastrophic damage to your facilities, you also need to protect your organization from potentially ruinous lawsuits that can arise as a result of accidents or negligence.

Without appropriate general liability insurance coverage, you could be putting the future of your business at serious risk.

What’s typically covered

Under most general liability insurance policies, your business can be protected from lawsuits resulting from:
• Bodily injuries that occur to customers, employees, vendors or visitors on your premises
• Personal injuries sustained as a result of the actions or negligence of one of your employees
• Property damage caused by your employees
• Advertising injury (damage from slander or false advertising)
• The amount of coverage you will need depends on factors such as the type of business you run and its location.

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