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Trade Credit

Be positioned to grow your business

Growth and expansion are the name of the game in today’s markets. Companies are looking to sell goods or services on credit terms to fuel this strategy.

But the risks you face are greater than ever, including non-payment due to a customer’s insolvency, protracted default, political unrest, or even acts of war or terrorism. Your organization cannot afford a major loss in cash flow due to circumstances that might interrupt your business obligations.

Whether you want to grow your business in other geographic markets, or simply want to protect your cash flow from a catastrophic customer or vendor event, trade credit insurance should be an important part of your long-term strategic planning.

What’s typically covered

Whether you sell within your local community, across the nation, or around the world, trade credit insurance makes sure you’ll be paid for the products or services you deliver to your customers. It protects you against:

• Unforeseen credit losses in accounts receivable
• Insolvency (Chapter 7 or 11 or international equivalent)
• Protracted default (slow pay delinquency)
• Political risks (government moratorium, contract frustration, discharge of debt, war, transfer, public buyer default)

Contact a INSKING broker to get started.

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